About me (skills and experience)

The following page should detail some of my key skills and experiences I have acquired over my computing career. This is by no means all of my skills, but a page filled with text is much less engaging than simply contacting me :)

Python 2.7/3.6

I began learning Python 2.7 a couple years ago, I have since made the migration to Python 3.x, and will not be going back. I use Python for everything, graphical or command line applications - Python is my forte.

PyQt & Qt Design

Over my time using Python, I have become familiar with the Qt framework for graphical development. With this, I have a great understanding of how to use the Qt Design tool.


I am not a web developer. This website was made with Bootstrap 4. I have never been very good at design, I'm more of a backend programmer than a frontend designer, but I do know HTML and the basics of CSS, allowing me to work with the two in other projects, such as my Python GUI applications. I am capable of reading and modifying both HTML and CSS, I'm just not very good at design.

Photoshop CS4+

Over my time I have become familiar with Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe tools. I use Photoshop in one of my school courses, which has allowed me to get an understanding of the key functions of the software, I am confident doing asset editing and the like.

Linux knowledge

Over my computing career, I have become familiar with a wide variety of different operating systems. A long time ago I was introduced to the Linux operating system, however just recently - I have began to use it a lot more to power an API which runs on a CentOS7 VPS.

macOS and Windows

Besides Linux, I am familiar with the commercial operating systems, Windows and macOS. I have been using macOS since Snow Leapoard, and Windows since XP. I currently use Windows 10 on a daily basis, as it allows the most options when making/working on new projects.

Computer Science (GCSE)

At school I studied GCSE Computer Science, whilst the course only touched the basics of Computer Science, it introduced me to the concepts of it, the core theory, as well as teaching me about networking and the like.

Media Gaming (GCSE)

I also took Media Gaming whilst doing my GCSEs, which introduced me to different aspects of Media, as well as introducing me to the Gaming sector, which teaches you how to use tools like Photoshop, Flash, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word and GameMaker. This course was great and did wonders to expand my knowledge and skill.

Information Technology (A-Level)

This course introduced me to social media management, and the importance of proper social media coordination for businesses. It has also taught me database development/management with Access 2016.

Media Gaming (A-Level)

Media Gaming at A-Level has taught me about 3D game development. So far I have learned how to use complex tools like 3dsMax and UDK to develop games and their respective models and textures. This course is very challenging, but a good one at that.

English Language (GCSE & A-Level)

My computing career hasn't only helped my knowledge and fluency on a computer, but also with the English language.