Hi, I'm Elliot Potts

Welcome to my personal website, please feel free to take a look around or contact me for any further information.

My Projects

This section should tell you about some of my latest projects. Please bare in mind, this section may not be up to date, please see my GitHub Profile for the latest public projects.

Discord Tools (Multiple)

Recently I have found myself doing tedious Discord tasks which could easily be automated. I decided to make some tools which allow me to automate these processes. I made a program which converts text into symbol-text, and an automated message remover. See below.

Text to SymbolsAutomated Remover


A very simple project which I made to test word recognition in Python. Given a decrypt function, I made a program which bruteforces a CaeserCipher and outputs a valid encryption level for the cipher.

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Programming Practice (Multiple)

I have recently began undergoing mindbending programming tasks to try and enahnce my skill. I want to be able to think more like a programmer, and try and remove my inefficiency and incapability. Please view the project(s) below.

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Elliot's Encryption

I made this in about an hour with the goal of making a program I could give to my friends to encrypt and decrypt messages. I thought it would be a fun project to work on. I ended up using the Qt Framework to add a GUI to it

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DNS Cache Killer

This project was created to quickly run the DOS command to flush the DNS cache on Windows systems. I made this program because I have always wanted to make this process faster, and I haven't yet been able to incorporate the OS library's system function in my projects yet.

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CS:GO Auto Accept

A very simple project which really isn't worth showcasing. I made this program using the PyAutoGUI library, it searches your screen for an image and then immediately clicks that position. Made to automate an annoying process you have to do when playing CounterStrike Global Offensive.

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This project was made to quickly grab images from a video. The program uses CV2 in order to get images from the video, it uses the SYS library in order to be command line operated.

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Backup Script

This program was made privately, and is not showcased publicly on my GitHub profile. The program is just over 500 lines long, 12 library imports and makes backups of configurable file locations and databases (MySQL/MongoDB), the program makes regular email notifications with system status regarding disk space etc.

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